Autonomous driving in India

Automotive industry on autonomous driving. However, I do not see fully self-driving cars as the right solution for India in the short term. Fully self-driving cars use the latest technology within an entire spectrum of autonomous technologies, and the latest technology is not always the most appropriate for a society. Appropriate technologies are the ones which solve a pressing problem faced by society, or a large part of society. The latest and best technologies are luxuries that a society should pursue if it has addressed all its other pressing problems.

When we apply the 3Ds test to fully autonomous driving in India, here is what we see:
Will fully autonomous vehicles solve the problem of clean energy (the dirty test)? Although autonomous driving and clean energy are not mutually exclusive, there are more appropriate technologies that can address clean energy. Low-cost battery, Fuel cell vehicle technologies, and shared vehicles usage technologies should all be higher priorities for now.

The next question is whether fully autonomous vehicles will create jobs or displace jobs. Fully self-driving cars eliminate the need for a driver. In India, we need to create and retain more jobs, so displacing drivers is not necessary. The last question is about safety. We live in a country where road accidents are a major cause of death. Would autonomous driving make our roads safer? Autonomous Vehicles will certainly make roads safer, but most of the features that make driving safer can be achieved without going in for fully autonomous vehicles. Moreover, in India, we have a lot of work to do including Infrastructure standardisation. Compliance with traffic laws and safety education need to be more commonplace before we have self-driving cars on the road.

The Right Autonomous Technology Direction for India
In categorising automation from Level 0 to Level 5, Level 0 implies no automation, while at Level 5 vehicles are fully automated. We need to work on technologies at Level 3 such as Advanced Driver Assist features that alert drivers to help avoid collisions such as providing lane departure warnings or automatic centering in the lane.

Israeli companies excel in providing innovative technologies in Autonomous Technology. ISRAEL21c that the car business is going through a massive paradigm shift. If before it was all about “the engine, the power train and the design, getting into artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and network connectivity. It’s become an interdisciplinary domain and this is an area where Israel has a lot of IP [intellectual property] and experience

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