Israel’s World-Leading Dental Technologies

Dentistry has come a long way since its origins but some of the most sophisticated dental technologies are being developed in Israel.

Home to world-leading researchers and more than 100 dental device manufacturing firms, Israel has developed advanced dental solutions to enhance clinical performance, reduce chair time, and increase the efficiency and ease of treatment.

The World Economic Forum’s prestigious Global Competitiveness Index, ranks Israel as the third most innovative country in the world – dental technologies included.   In 2016,  Israel’s MIS Implants Technology was acquired by US based Dentsply Sirona which was followed by a series of other multinational dental technology acquisitions. The experts are citing Israel’s global renown as an Innovation Hub as a key factor in attracting international investment.

Among Israel’s most prized dental innovations have been its implant solutions, including short, expandable implants for use in cases where there is lack of bone volume, and implants that simplify “sinus lift” procedures by allowing surgeons to perform the entire process via fluid insertions through the implant itself – a minimally invasive procedure that lowers the risk of infection and other post-op complications.

Israeli 3D printing technologies have been utilized for manufacturing surgical guides and dental prostheses, while Israel’s cost-effective intra-oral and extra-oral 3D scanners have helped lower the barrier to entry for dentists seeking to a capitalize on game-changing CAD CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technologies.

Meanwhile, Israeli innovators have also developed technologies for killing harmful bacteria inside dental implants before the bacteria can spread and cause dangerous infections. Israel’s educational and ergonomic solutions for dentists also underscore its commitment to technological advances that improve the lives of clinicians and patients alike.

These technologies – developed with an eye toward improving treatment and outcomes worldwide – have helped cement Israel’s vital role in supplying world markets with cutting-edge innovations.  Israel is poised to see growing global demand for its dental technology solutions – and that’s cause for the millions who will benefit to smile.

Interested may contact for further information, the Economic and Trade Department at the Consulate General of the State of Israel to South India, in Bengaluru. 

Contact details: Veshala Gajaraj – Trade Officer, Bengaluru – +91-80-49406517