The most valuable asset of any business in a knowledge economy is its human capital. The success of any business depends on its ability to develop, organize, synergize and deploy its human capital.  The HR division plays key role in development and creation of Human Capital.

Israeli Company Actiview brings game changing platform, built on spatial data structures and the latest academic research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and machine learning, to identify, hire and retain the most suitable talent.

In order to explain Actiview techniques and use cases, they are organizing a session on ‘Next Generation of Data Driven Assessment’ on 2nd April 2019, at Plus Office, Sector 67, Gurgaon

The Program / Agenda will include demonstration on technology deployment for


-Internal Transfers/ IJP’s

-Skill Development & Training needs

-Performance Assessments

For more information please contact –

Mr. Kamal Rabha

Trade Officer

Economic and Trade Mission, Embassy of Israel, New Delhi