India Analyzes Big  Data Science and Analytics Market in India

The data science and analytics market in India could grow 7 times in the next 7 years

Analytics, data science and big data industry in India is currently estimated to be Rs 17,615 crore annually (FY18) in revenues growing at a healthy rate of 33.5% CAGR. Of the annual inflow to analytics industry, almost 11% can be attributed to advanced analytics, predictive modelling and data science. A sizeable 22% can be attributed to big data. Analytics, data science and big data industry in India is expected to grow seven times in the next seven years. It is estimated to become a Rs 1,30,000 crore industry in India by 2025.

Indian organizations are shifting from traditional, tactical and tool-centric data and analytics projects to strategic, modern and architecture-centric data and analytics programs. The ‘fast followers’ are even looking to make heavy investments in advanced analytics solutions driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to reduce the time to market and accuracy of analytics offerings.

Israeli Wants to Save the World with Big Data and Still Protect the Privacy, Big data, AI, and machine learning—the digital world offers retailers a steady stream of new opportunities to target customers through efficient and intelligent data analysis, and in doing so, achieve perfect product/market fit. Artificial intelligence  gives machines the ability to “think” and accomplish tasks. AI already is a big part of our lives in areas such as banking, shopping, automated vehicles, Security and healthcare.

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