India has an enormous appetite for quality education and the introduction of online learning has changed the scenario of the Indian educational system, with its reach and economical access. Technology and education together are changing the face of global learning. With an overwhelming increase in mobile-connected devices, global data traffic and mobile video traffic, the EduTech sector is set to enter a new era.  EduTech companies are driving further development of data-driven education technologies, leading to fundamental changes in how school and college students as well as professionals seeking new skills are learning.

In India, where mobile penetration is counting in billions, we have immense potential to digitally educate the masses. In fact, the past few years have seen a substantial rise in digital and live online interactive platforms at different levels of learning. With the evolution of technologies such as cloud computing, data centers and virtualization and its integration with the education industry, education and coaching institutions are witnessing a rapid rise in enrolments and added revenue.  Live Interactivity with professors or academicians, World Class Learning Pedagogy and High-Quality Content are the new buzzwords. Getting instructions from specialized instructors through live broadcasts at home or attending the recorded lectures increases students’ involvement and learning at higher levels of education. Video Content delivery, student-to-student interactions via video conferencing and virtual updating of textbooks are some of the unique advantages of digital learning that provide personalized attention to all students.

Mobile learning has not only encouraged learning in a real-world context, but has also helped to bridge the gap between after school and home environments. A country that depends on the development of its educational sector for its economic and social growth, a surge in switching to technology-driven education will amply propel rural India towards empowerment

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