With well over 6,000 startups and high-tech companies, Israel embodies the idea that for bold innovators and dynamic problem-solvers seeking to drive human ingenuity forward, if you will it, it is no dream. The State of Innovation, a comprehensive new report from PwC Israel on behalf of Startup Nation Central, highlights how Israel’s globally renowned innovation ecosystem has been a boon not only for local entrepreneurs and tech whizzes, but also for multinational corporations looking to up their R&D game, enable product innovation, and drive disruptive business models.

Ranked first globally for the share of GDP spent on R&D, Israel is home to innovation activities for 536 multinationals, spanning sectors from automotive to the life sciences to AgTech to cybersecurity and beyond.

Surveying multinational executives representing 22 countries, the PwC-SUNC report delves into the unique opportunities for multinationals within the country’s vibrant innovation ecosystem, from both incremental and breakthrough innovations to access to elite talent.

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