Government aim to develop India into a manufacturing center for electric vehicles (EVs) and related components. This would accelerate adoption of electric mobility in India and ensure the development of a proper ecosystem for such eco-friendly vehicles. Also taking note of the lack of charging infrastructure for EVs and the need to invest in battery technology because sales of EVs will follow once a robust network is built for charging them and their battery costs controlled.  According to the Survey, road transport contributes around 90% of the total emissions in the transport sector in India. Given the large dependence on oil imports, it is imperative to shift the focus to alternative fuels to support mobility in a sustainable manner.

The Union government has already sanctioned ₹10,000 crore to incentivize EV manufacturing through the second phase of the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) scheme. Also highlights the need to set up charging infrastructure on roads and highways across the length and breadth of the country, saying this would help drive sales of EVs.


Israel companies, Consumers increasingly consider making their next car purchase electric, two major trade-offs are stalling the transition from gasoline-powered vehicles. Electric-car range remains limited and recharging the battery can take from 45 minutes to several hours. Manufacturers have been trying to boost the battery’s chemical “density” so an electric car can travel farther on a charge.  Working on Buses and trucks will be either electric or run on compressed natural gas. Israel is forcing companies to bring electric cars to Israel and for oil and gasoline companies to shift to charging stations in their gasoline or petrol stations.
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