Mr. Uri Schor, Israel Water Authority Spokesman and Officer of Information, was on a day visit to Mumbai on 28th August to address Maharashtra’s government officials and corporates from Water industry to share the story of water in Israel and raise awareness on saving water.

Mr. Uri Schor works with Israeli Water Authority for past 17 years. The Water Authority is in charge of management, operation, development, and regulation of Israel’s water sector. The Water Authority is responsible for the management, operation and development of the water sector in Israel. The primary purpose of the Authority is to enable water and sewage services to be of the highest quality and reliable effectively, while increasing the sustainable welfare of the residents of the State of Israel.

Mr. Uri Schor shared his knowledge on how Israel has handled their water crisis and will emphasized on technology as well as creating awareness amongst citizens on saving water as every drop is important. He addressed a group of Government officials and a group of corporates and industry experts who have learnt and heard from his experience from Israel. Mr. Uri Schor’s visit to Mumbai is organized by Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai.

India is suffering from a sustained water crisis that will only worsen if no action will be taken soon. Israel is the world’s leader in sustainable water management. The expertise and capacity built by leading water technology companies in Israel have been great examples for their Indian counterparts.

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