Indian gaming industry, as it is known, has worked hard to earn a name as an emerging market.

The popularity of video games in the country was always prevalent. The shadow of popularity is now being seen in the online gaming sector.

India’s massive mobile market and recent reports have shown that India has the cheapest mobile data charges in the world and it’s needless to say that it’s the mobile market is massive and very resilient. These had their accumulative effect in augmenting the industry it is today. Its name has started getting mentioned among the top global players, but the leaders from the sector believe that although space has become a hotbed for online gaming businesses, it is yet to be number one.

A few months ago, there was news that got all of us very excited. India features among the five biggest mobile gaming markets in the world.

The mobile gaming industry in India is projected to reach $943 million by 2022, with three out of four Indian players enjoying mobile games minimum twice a day, as per a report by The Power of Mobile Gaming in India’

The Current Space:

The Indian Gaming industry is set for an explosion the country’s present industry has indeed run a pretty long course and has warmed up pretty enough to join the top league.

An emerging market that is laying its foundation pretty strong, looks even more promising when space starts turning the heads of investors.

The domestic and foreign investors paying to the market.

“Gaming industry is the hottest sector not only in India but all across the world”

From engaging and educational mobile games for children to cutting-edge cloud gaming SaaS, Israeli companies tackling every corner of the industry with innovative and technologically advanced gaming solutions.

Since the days of Pong and Pacman, the gaming industry has been defined by trends that have emerged from developments such as online gaming, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, and the freemium model for mobile and PC games. Today, Virtual Reality and iGaming have begun entering mainstream gaming on a large scale and have proven their potential to affect future, industry-transforming trends.

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