Maintaining Nutritional Balance

A Nutritionist, also called a Dietitian is an expert trained in the science of nutrition and advises others about healthy eating. Some nutritionists are registered dietitians (RD or RDN); this credential means that someone has completed a higher level of training and passed a registration exam.

Clinical nutritionists and registered dietitians often practice in the same areas, providing education and meal plans in a variety of clinical, educational and public health settings. However, their focus is subtly different. Dietitians’ training and practice revolves around foods and eating patterns.

Eating healthfully is a tricky business nowadays. We know better than ever what is good for us, but all this information makes the optimum diet seem like a distant and elusive goal. Nutricco, an Israeli technology company, put an end to the confusion by providing a smart, comprehensive solution that monitors nutrient intake and fills in the gaps with dietary supplements. An app provided to the users, track dietary needs and a supplement dispenser stocked with the vitamins they need.


Information about the nutrients and the time it has to be consumed is provided by this particular app. People consuming supplements feel that there is something missing from their diet and this app improves it and supplement it if there is any missing element.


The dietary recommendations and supplement portfolio are built using USDA guidelines, scientific information from the company’s team and a smart algorithm. This algorithm will recommend foods to eat for optimal nutrition. If the same are not consumed, specific supplements are recommended.


The app offers three different levels of engagement: (a) Basic level involves getting notifications and reminders to take supplements determined by answers to a dietary questionnaire and real-time updates. (b) the second level of engagement will let users keep track of food intake for a period of one week to three months. The system will analyze that data to create dietary recommendations and a supplement portfolio to be delivered to the home dispenser (c) the third level for highly engaged users who keep regular track of what they eat. They will receive a monthly supply of supplements accordingly.  The algorithm also calculate what users are likely to eat in the upcoming month and provide supplements accordingly.


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