Environmental pollutants are contaminants that originate from the air, water, soil, consumer goods and food. According to the World Health Organization, about 24 percent of deaths ascribed to environmental pollutants, which is a preventable problem.


According to an American study published in 2018, the frequent use of specific cosmetic products might affect negatively on health. Especially in women, the use of cosmetics has been linked, among other things, to an increased risk of breast cancer.


Many people scour the Internet for cheap deals on makeup, shampoo, conditioner and skin care products.  However, there is rising concern that ingredients in personal-care items could have adverse health implications.  A study found increased morbidity in women who use cosmetic products more frequently. However, the findings require further examination in order to identify the mechanisms that cause the diseases and determine to what extent other lifestyle-related and environmental factors affected the likeliness to become ill.


Clearya assists consumers in choosing safe products.  Its free web browser plugin accesses information whenever users search e-commerce sites like Amazon, Sephora, Walmart, iHerb and Love Letter.

The widget detects the ingredients of various care products, cosmetics and facial cleansers. In addition, it provides a complete description of any health hazards attributed to the identified ingredients from authorities including the World Health Organization.  Those substances include, among others, carcinogens, allergens and hormonal disruptors.

Clearya’s objective is not to scare people. However, its main goal is to make the information available to the consumer who can take preventive measures.



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