Pluristem, a regenerative medicine company based in Haifa, Israel claims to have produced a cell therapy product that can be used to treat respiratory and inflammatory problems. These problems are often associated with the COVID-19 symptoms. Mr. Yaky Yanav, President and CEO of Pluristem, states that the healthcare system can be utilized to maintain and contain COVID-19.  BCRT and BIH, Berlin and Pluristem, are joining hands to inspect the therapeutic effects of Pluristem’s patented PLX cell product. They are proposing to test the system on patients with a pre-existing respiratory condition and aging patients.

The PLX cells induce the immune system’s natural regulatory T cells and M2 macrophages, which could reduce the symptoms of pneumonia and pneumonitis.

The company’s product is available off-the-shelf. The company is also well equipped for large-scale production. This is an added advantage as more people with respiratory conditions can be treated soon enough.


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