One of the most widely known assisted reproductive technologies in the world is the IVF i.e the In Vitro Fertilization treatment. The IVF is a treatment that involves a procedure of medication as well as surgery in order to artificially impregnate a woman. IVF is one of the most sought after procedures for many couples over the world who face fertility issues. It definitely increases the chances of a woman being able to conceive.
In the most common type of IVF procedures an embryo is created by injecting the sperm into the egg. However, in order to create a healthy embryo and to increase chances of conception, it is very important to select the best quality of sperm cells. In a breakthrough, the Tel Aviv University researchers have recently found a safe and accurate method that traces the sperm cells moving at high speed using 3D imaging. Such kind of imaging method could help doctors in being able to select the best and highest quality of sperm to inject, increasing success rate chances of IVF.
Under natural circumstances , fastest sperm to reach the egg has the highest quality genetic material. This sort of a natural process is not available in IVF treatments wherein the medics can actually select the kind of sperm cells that are needed for fertilization. Hence, the need to track high speed moving sperm cell becomes detrimental in such kind of treatments.
The study carried out by the Israeli scientists has entirely new imaging technology which tries to find more details about individual sperm cells without causing any damage to the cell in the process. With the computed tomography technology used by the researchers, they could safely achieve a high-resolution 3-dimensional image of the sperm cell. They created an accurate 3D by recording a hologram of the stem cell during its ultrafast movements and by recognizing the different internal components according to their refractive index.
This latest advancement also ensures to solve many issues surrounding sperm imaging without causing any damage to the embryo but more importantly, it assists the medics in selecting the right kind of sperm cells required which would enhance the chances of pregnancies through IVF and in turn bring a healthy baby into the world.

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