Israeli company Pangea has come up with a smart biometric card that will help enable
travelling smoothly. This will help the population be free from COVID-19 while also protecting
the tourists. The company states that it can help verify that the holder is free from the virus.

The card will hold the following information about the traveller, a photo, a digital signature, a
chip and a hologram. The card is securely linked to the holder’s native country’s medical
database with the up-to-date encrypted medical history of the holder.

The respective countries’ health ministry, in consultations with local hospitals and health
providers, must oversee the issuing process. It does not stop there. The tourism ministries,
insurance companies, airlines and airports are also involved.

There are a number of protocols to be adhered in this process. It is a long haul. However, it
does look like a viable option for these times of crisis.

Interested, kindly contact the Israeli Consulate in Bengaluru.
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