Israel is world renowned and an internationally recognized leader in cutting-edge agricultural technologies. Israel has a high level of innovation in this field and also highly successful in implementing these technologies.


Keeping this in mind, in order to spread awareness among the Indian agricultural community about the various useful and advanced technologies, a webinar was conducted on June 24th 2020.  The “Israel – India Agrotech Day” webinar was conducted in tandem with all three Trade and Economic offices in India. This session was conducted in collaboration with the Agritech team of the Israel Export Institute.


The aim of the session was to promote innovation in traditional agriculture to the Indian counterparts. The webinar comprised of presentations from six agriculture companies from Israel covering topics of post-harvest, seeds, fertilizers, urban agriculture, greenhouses and irrigation. The session also included pre-scheduled B2B meetings with the Israeli companies at the end of the webinar.


The participating Israeli companies were as below:

●        Argos Invest – they offer a variety of products along with services such as guidance throughout the projects, installation engineers, on-site agronomist and maintenance of the project from beginning to end.

●        Fine Seeds – breeds advanced, healthy and tastier produce using scientific markers.

●        Gat Fertilizers – produces tailor-made, fully water-soluble solid and liquid fertilizers for fertigation and basic preplant applications.

●        BioBee – Biological Systems specializes in biologically integrated pest management (IPM), offering farmer-friendly predatory insects and mites as an alternative to chemical pesticides.

●        Auto Agronom – they have developed a sustainable precision-agriculture solution that enables growers to save up to 50% in water and up to 70% in fertilizer while increasing yields by as much as 30%.

●        Assa Aharoni – they have been planning and supervising projects in Israel and abroad, in the fields of energy, air conditioning, and refrigeration and green building consultation.


The webinar received an overwhelming response and was attended by over 200 relevant Indian participants. We look forward to conducting more such informative webinars for interested Indian audience.


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