Israeli company Nova Plasma has introduced a cold-plasma activation that aims to reduce and heal infection after many surgical implants ranging from dental to breasts.

Active+ plasma capsule is a desktop device that modifies the surface chemistry of the dental implants in a 30-second procedure before the implantation. It increases effectiveness.

This cold plasma activation can be applied to many other implants including pacemakers, catheters and artificial joints.

The integration and stability of all implants are improved by their hydrophilicity. Plasma acts as an excellent activator of hydrophilicity but the effects deteriorate during the time between manufacturing and implantation.

Nova Active+ Plasma Capsule helps reduce this problem by activating the plasma beforehand to accelerate healing and reduce infection. The resulting hydrophilic implant decreasing average healing time by half.

Israel is world-renowned and an internationally recognized leader in cutting-edge technologies in Healthcare. Israel has a high level of innovation in this field and highly successful in implementing these technologies.

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