Driving over a bridge or in a tunnel can be very scary. Many intrusive thoughts pass through your mind, to the point of numbness at times. 

To make your experience better and to drop the number of accidents on bridges and tunnels, a new technology has been developed which will help the developers see a real-time, cloud based, 3D “medical report”. This technology was developed by the Israeli start-up Dynamic Infrastructure.

The company’s proprietary deep-learning image analysis compares daily images of the structure with older images extracted from past periodic inspections. The diagnostic report can be accessed on a regular browser and it can be shared with the contractors to make maintenance and workflow easier. 

This is an invention for a new tomorrow. 

Israel is world-renowned and an internationally recognized leader in cutting-edge technologies and has a high level of innovation and successful in implementing these technologies.

Interested may kindly contact the undersigned from the Israel Consulate in Bengaluru:

Ms. Veshala Gajaraj

Email: Veshalakshe.gajaraj@israeltrade.gov.il   Tel:+91-80-49406517