Deep-fake videos are one of the leading cyber crimes in todays’ world. They are made my superimposing one’s face on another person’s body using sophisticated artificial intelligence to create a very real looking video. The audio can be altered by adding a misappropriated voice using smart audio dubbing.

The AI firm Deeptrace found about 15000 deepfake videos on the internet in September 2019. The fact that the technology is freely available for hackers and cyber criminals is extremely scary.

Israeli start-up Cyabra is one of the pioneers in identifying deepfake first. The CEO, Don Brahmy says there are two approaches to identifying deepfake videos. 

  • The supervised approach, where the algorithm is given a set of 1,000,000 regular faces and face swaps, the algorithm is 95% efficient in finding out these kinds of swaps. 
  • The unsupervised approach, where the videos are scanned for small patterns and the algorithm is taught to catch these deepfakes. 

Cyabra’s methods are more sophisticated than the usual traditional methods, but will most definitely help in filtering out fake ones from the real.

Israel is world-renowned and an internationally recognized leader in cutting-edge technologies and has a high level of innovation and successful in implementing these technologies.

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