At first, a country with more than half of the area covered in desert does not seem to be the most likely place to be a hub of media content. However, Israel is surely becoming a popular destination for producers and distributors of content from around the world. So while Israel is known as the “Start-Up Nation” of the world it is increasingly becoming known for its TV formats and content industry.  The reason for this is the originality and inventiveness in the content and also the plots that are more often than not, based on real-life occurrences.  

One such Israeli series that has become extremely popular around the world is “Fauda”. Fauda in Arabic means “chaos”. However, it is also a term used by the undercover commandos when things do not go as per plan. Fauda is based on real-life incidents of one such undercover commando from Israel. It is a deep-rooted series about the Israel – Palestine conflict echoing a tale of cultures and the geopolitical situations. Produced by Yes Studios in Israel and broadcasted on Netflix, Fauda was an instant worldwide hit when it released in 2015. Currently it has screened three seasons on Netflix. 

Closer home, e-Frames 2020 which was a virtual event of the annually held FICCI Frames event got together the producer, cast and crew of Fauda to discuss their journey. Frames is one of the main events in the media and entertainment industry that takes place in Mumbai every year. In the session, the whole journey of Fauda was discussed, from being a dream of the creators, to being rejected by several broadcasters, to being able to sell the idea to Yes Studios and finally becoming an international success with global audiences vying for more! Indeed it was very interesting to hear!

Owing to its international success, the Indian audience will now be able to view an adapted version of Fauda, thanks to the Aditya Birla Group-led  Applause Entertainment. Applause Entertainment has collaborated with Yes studios and will be processing the adaptation of Fauda in an Indian context. So lets sit tight and look forward to some binge-worthy content!

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