From point-of-care kits to Mass sampling and Breath Analysis, Israeli scientists are inventing more accurate tests and Faster results that could finally let human save from Corona.

The Covid-19 solutions are faster, more accurate testing to ensure carriers are identified and go into isolation before infecting others. Normally it takes one to five days to get results from the standard RT-PCR test to identify the RNA in virus’ genetic material on Throat and nasal swabs. Due to increase in testing and sending the samples to labs the result takes time. It is also possible that due to viral load on the day of sampling the results are negative and next day it might be positive.

The Israeli DDRD and Indian DRDO collaborated and joined hands to speed the process of testing. In July 2020 the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDRD) sent a delegation to India with four Israeli Covid-19 testing prototypes. The team is in India to collect thousands of samples and analyze them using various innovative techniques.

The Israeli team will collect samples and analyze them using breathalyzer test from the Tera Group. They will also use a rapid test using saliva samples. The results appear in about 40 minutes. This method could become the basis of a mass testing kit for workplaces, points of care and households.

Another one is a Pooling technique. Its goal is to speed up the process. It enables RT-PCR testing to be performed on a combined sample from 32 or 64 patients. A simple pooling technique for testing eight samples at once is already in use throughout Israel.

And the fourth is BATM’s fast-result diagnostics kit to detect Covid-19 from saliva samples in about half an hour.

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