Will the Indian battery market scenario witness a major change? As the power supply in the country continues to be unreliable, the role of batteries has to change from being an emergency back-up solution to a long time power/energy storage solution.  Additionally, many residential, commercial and industrial complexes have started installing rooftop solar PV modules along with inverters and battery storage. With such applications, high demand supply mismatch and high ownership costs of diesel gensets, consumers will feel the need for high power, deep discharge batteries more than they have done in the past.

On the other hand, EV usage in India is increasing with the awareness to use clean energy advocated by the MNRE. As the usage of these vehicles increase, so is the increase of charging points. Majority of these points and the existing batteries do not charge fast, which is a buzzkill. Currently the vehicular battery charging in the existing electric cars takes minimum 4hrs and more.  Leveraging on the innovation for a new generation of Li-ion cell design many companies have come with revolutionary designs and technology.

One such company is StoreDot, from Israel; StoreDot’s core technology incorporates chemically synthesized organic molecules of non-biological origin. These innovative molecules demonstrate uniquely tuneable optical and electrochemical properties, which allow for enhanced performance of energy storage devices. Using a unique multifunction electrode (MFE), StoreDot’s FlashBattery combines two benefits of energy storage solutions, incorporating the high-power rapid-charging rate capability with the high-energy storage ability.

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