Ayalon Highways Ltd. hereby invites offers to enter into an agreement with it for the supply, installation, integration and maintenance of monitoring and sensing equipment for vehicles, as follows:

This tender will be conducted as a mechanized tender in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 19C of the Mandatory Tenders Regulations 1993. Accordingly, bidders must submit their bid for the tender using the electronic tender system operated and maintained by Dekel (the not submitted through the automated system.

 The Company reserves the right to reject any bid or all bids, at its sole and final discretion, and in accordance with the provisions of the Tender and the law.

The Company may, in its sole discretion, negotiate with the Bidders (or any of them).

 It is hereby clarified that the execution of the works subject to the tender is conditional on the receipt of a budget approval

Submission of bids:  Bids must be submitted no later than the date 15.10.2020 until now 12:00 at noon, using the mechanized system.  

An offer that is not submitted in the automated system by the above date will not be accepted. It is clarified that the submission of bids in the tender will be done in a mechanized manner as specified above only, and no submission of a bid will be permitted in any other way (unless expressly stated otherwise.

The Tender Documents may be downloaded from the Company’s website at www.ayalonhw.co.il under the tab “Tenders and Contracts” on the home page and the e-tender website at https://bids.dekel.co.il/ayalon . The documents contain a detailed description of the Tender and its conditions, as well as the wording of the Agreements that will be signed with the Awardees, and the terms of the contract. In any case of a contradiction between the wording in this announcement, and the wording of the Tender Documents, the wording of the latter will prevail. 

For more details you may contact Pearlini.Wathore@israeltrade.gov.il