Israel has experienced the threat of terrorism for decades, and, out of necessity, has come to excel in the homeland security arena. In fact, no other country has a higher percentage of former army, police and security forces with hands-on experience in combating terrorism. Add to that the world-class innovation characterizing the “Startup Nation,” and it is little wonder that countries around the world turn to Israel for solutions to internal security challenges.

Israel’s national security relies on innovative, cutting edge technologies, operationally proven methodologies and comprehensive manpower training and qualification. The solutions provided by Israeli companies in this sector are often customized and adjusted, to meet specific customer requirements. The country’s continuous needs in countering terror and managing emergencies create a unique platform for Israel’s HLS companies to test their new technologies in the field.

Many of the Israeli companies with the finest field-proven, next-generation technologies and systems featured in the recently concluded Israel HLS & Cyber 2020. These companies hail from a variety of specialties including emergency preparedness and management, cyber-security, intelligence and counter-terror, critical infrastructure protection, smart cities and more.

We had the pleasure of  having Mr. Rajan Luthra, Head Special Projects in the Chairman’s Office at Reliance Industries Limited for an interesting panel discussion on “The New Security: Traditional and Additional Challenges” where he discussed key industry issues and opportunities. 

 Around 100+ Indian companies attended the virtual event and participated in more than 200+ pre scheduled B2B meetings during the course of the event.

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