Potential prevention of Re-hospitalization Via wearable monitor

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Israel as an “Innovation & “Start-up Nation” excel in their technological eco-system. The numerous start-ups originating from Israel has support from both the Government and the Venture Capitalists who identify the potential of the start-ups and their invention. Israel is always on top in their technical competence.

Resmetrix Medical has developed an innovative solution to prevent rehospitalisation through a wearable monitor that continuously and accurately monitors, records and analyses breathing patterns. The device is a unique chest strap, to be worn around the chest. It is programmed to send alerts in case of any early signs of deterioration in a patient’s clinical condition.

This system is and can be used as a platform for managing any respiratory disease. The initial focus, however, is to detect COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). About 250 million suffer from COPD globally. 

The proprietary Resmetrix sensor embedded in the chest strap monitors minor changes in chest circumference. The sensors also measure vital signs, including heartrate and temperature. The patient only has to put on the device. The collected information is recorded and transmitted securely over cloud to a dedicated smartphone app.

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