Finding a perfect parking spot is something we have all been dealing with for a long time. Parking blues bid adieu with three new apps that make your life better. Although they do not guarantee a parking spot, you will have a best chance at finding one.

“Even if the technology enables you to know in real time where an open parking spot will be, it’s impossible to save it for the next driver. In a busy city, the spot will be gone in five to 15 seconds,” explains Zohar Bali, CEO of sPARK, which has developed the parking app Polly.

According to statistics, 30 percent of traffic congestion in cities are due to confusions caused while finding a parking spot. Solving this problem not only saves time but also helps reduce traffic and saves gasoline.

“We take data from many sources – cell-tower data, mobile-payment data, car-sharing data, data from sensors in the car and satellite imaging – and we combine it into predictions,” says Eyal Amir, CEO of Parknav.

A third Israeli start-up. ParKam, claims to have 99 percent accuracy. They find spots in real time. “We use existing camera infrastructure,” the company’s CEO, Asaf Naamani, tells ISRAEL21c. “If we need to add more cameras, we can place them on top of existing poles. That makes it cost effective to customers.”

No matter what the app is, as long as citizens find a parking spot, there will be less commotions and more togetherness.

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Source: israel21c