“I think music in itself is healing,” American musician Billy Joel once said.  “It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It is something we are all touched-by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”


Most of us would wholeheartedly agree with this statement and this universal bond with music has led researchers across the globe to investigate its therapeutic potential.  Increasingly, it is found that health benefits of music may go beyond mental health and as a result, some health experts have suggested including music therapy into healthcare settings.


The human mind wanders out of the box, so it would not be a surprise if it has also wondered if music could ever be seen or touched. Well, an Israeli dad invented a way to channel soundwaves into water or sand. Now, you can have an extraordinary visual and tactile musical experience.


Mordechai Braunstein used no algorithm or technology for CyMagic. It depends on the natural effect of sound on matter. This idea is very helpful to the hearing-impaired to enjoy live music. In fact, this was the motivation behind this extraordinary work.


“Since we saw the appreciation in both children and parents’ eyes, we decided to try to reach all out-of-the-way places – the schools and institutions where there was limited or no access to cultural centers”, says Braunstein.


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Source: israel21c