The India – Israel Start-Up Connect Series in collaboration with TiE Mumbai was launched on November 11th 2020. TiE Global is a nonprofit venture devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation, throughout the entrepreneurial lifecycle. The idea behind this event was to develop an India-Israel corridor. The current situation has given start-ups all over the world an opportunity to collaborate and cooperate to build better technologies together.


The first of the India – Israel Start-Up Connect Series was a knowledge series. This knowledge series was an in-depth sectoral session focused on Healthcare wherein experts and startup founders from both the sides articulated innovation, business models, emerging new tech – Neo Digitization Era, changing trends and patterns especially as a result of the pandemic, probable insights into the new world order & the scope for expansion in the years to come.


The expert from the Israeli side was Mr. Assaf Barnea – a seasoned entrepreneur and venture professional, with extensive, multidisciplinary experience in building innovation platforms and leading commercialization processes in healthcare. He leads Sanara Ventures, a healthcare innovation fund backed by Phillips and Teva. GGTUDE was the Israeli start-up participant. GGtude combines cognitive behavioral psychology, mobile technology, and brain science to create personal health products with ready-to-use training and self-management tools for dealing with anxiety, obsessions, and body-image and self-esteem issues, very relevant in the current times.


The expert from the Indian side was Mr. Amit Mookim – Managing Director at IQVIA, a Fortune 500 organization and a leading healthcare information, technology and research organization. He has a successful track record of building healthcare businesses from the ground up, exceeding profitability goals, and driving increased revenue and market share. NeuroEquilibrium was the Indian start-up participant . Founded to treat the humongous number of balance disorders in patients, NeuroEquilibrium™ Diagnostic Systems is transforming the healthcare sector through breakthrough innovations to create one of the most advanced vertigo and balance assessment platforms in the world.


The response received for the event was overwhelming with over 180 people attending it. The audience was a mix of mainly entrepreneurs, investors, academicians etc. Our aim through this series of events is to help the start-up ecosystem in these chaotic times and explore potential strategic partnerships on both sides.

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