A growing global population is placing increased pressure on the world’s resources to provide more food. Meeting this need requires high quality, cost effective production of meat and crops. TransAlgae (https://www.transalgae.com/) has a promising next generation technology for Human Pharma, Animal Health and Crop Protection to meet this global need.

TransAlgae, an Israeli biotech company, has developed a breakthrough technology, using genetically engineered algae as the vehicle to orally deliver therapeutic drugs such as vaccines and insecticides in their intact and functional form for Human Pharma, Animal Health and Crop Protection.

Human Pharma

In Human Pharma, TransAlgae’s oral delivery technology replaces the need for drug application by injections which are time-consuming, expensive and often unpleasant

Animal Health

In Animal Health, TransAlgae’s oral delivery technology replaces the need to use antibiotics and the need for vaccination by injections which are time-consuming and expensive.

Crop Protection

The Crop Protection application replaces the need for toxic chemical spraying to protect crop

TransAlgae’s technology platform harnesses algae as a cell-based factory system for the production and natural encapsulation of therapeutic products, protecting their degradation in the gastro intestinal tract and enabling their absorption by the target animal. The platform lets algae express hormones, enzymes, vaccines, or insecticides.  The active molecules are orally delivered via algae pills, animal feed or crop spraying.  This replaces the need to use antibiotics and vaccination by injection or spraying crops with toxic chemicals.

Pipeline Products

Human Pharma – Oral vaccine targeting to Corona virus

Aquaculture – Oral vaccine targeting a fish disease.

Aquaculture – Oral vaccine targeting two major shrimp’s diseases.

Animal health – Oral vaccine targeting a major swine disease.

Crop Protection – Insecticide algae targeting two major harmful insects.

For more information: tejinder.singh@israeltrade.gov.il