Israel as an “Innovation & “Start-up Nation” excel in their technological eco-system. The numerous start-ups originating from Israel has support from both the Government and the Venture Capitalists who identify the potential of the start-ups and their invention. Israel is always on top in their technical competence.

In this regard, Prof. Muhammad Bashouti at Ben-Gurion University works towards creating smart devices from a molecule. The question “do you isolate a single molecule of a conductive metal; can it conduct energy all by itself” had been nagging him since high school and he took into his own hands to find the answer.

He discovered that the properties of molecules could be harnessed to turn them into tiny smart devices. His most advanced molecule-based inventions include: 

  1. An optical biosensor that instantly diagnoses diseases from a single drop of blood or other fluid, now being developed to identify tomato-plant viruses with funding from the Ministry of Agriculture and from the Jewish Federation of Delaware;  
  2. Transparent lenses embedded with gold nanoparticles to block a specific light-wavelength harmful to diabetic eyes, in development with an Israeli company with a grant from the Israel Innovation Authority; 
  3. Cheap hybrid solar cells that absorb 95 percent of visible light (in contrast to the 40% absorbed by standard solar cells) and emit more than twice the energy, soon to be fabricated for waiting potential customers with a grant from the Economy Ministry.

Israel is world-renowned and an internationally recognized leader in cutting-edge technologies in different sectors. It is famous for its high level of innovation and highly successful in implementing these technologies.


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