India is yet to auction spectrum for the launching of 5G services. But, the action today is in Edge Computing, which involves getting resources for applications close to end-users, typically within or at the boundary of operator networks. This has resulted in companies distributing cloud computing across locations and resources. With data taking center stage, commercialization of the telco Edge has started.

According to IDC’s new Worldwide Edge Spending Guide, the global edge computing market will be $250.6 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 12.5 percent during 2019-’24. What edge computing does is bridge the gap between the promise of 5G networks and the capability of the current networks to meet the increased demand for services with the ability to deliver a better experience for high bandwidth services. Edge computing will accelerate innovation, where applications and services are built across multiple cloud providers and create an opportunity for organizations to see telecom companies as more than just connectivity service providers.

Over the next few years as the Internet of Things (IoT), applications generate huge amounts of data, by processing this data closer to the source, edge computing can help reduce network bandwidth. As 5G networks are rolled-out over the next few years, enterprises and service providers will continue to transform into hybrid multi-cloud platform providers. While industries at the cutting edge have adopted edge computing, now traditional enterprises too are beginning to adopt it to support remote/branch offices, retail locations, manufacturing plants. Even cloud service providers have recognized the need for processing data closer to the source.

The Israel-based company’s focuses on the telecom and network service provider space by providing ultra-reliable, low-latency, provides multi-access edge computing solutions highlighted – Edge Cloud that includes edge virtualization, open management, and automation capabilities to make it fast and simple to develop and deploy new edge applications which can be deployed within network function virtualization environments or off-the-shelf servers.

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