We are all aware that Israel is world-renowned and an internationally recognized leader in cutting-edge technologies in different sectors. As a Startup Nation for Innovation, it is highly successful in implementing these technologies.  As such, the First-in-human implantation of the CorNeat KPro restores the vision of a 78-year-old grandfather from Haifa.

Jamal gradually lost his vision over the past years. He had four surgeries, but none fruitful. With each surgery, the risk of failure increased. But thanks to CorNeat Pro, the problem was solved. He was able to read vision charts and recognized family members the day after the surgery.

“The innovation here stems from the ability to take something totally synthetic that has no cells or tissue and implant it in the wall of the eye so that it essentially becomes part of the body,” said CorNeat cofounder Dr. Gilad Litvin, inventor of the KPro.

They propose to run the first trial on blind patients, given the success of their product, the expected healing time, and retention, and as it cannot carry any disease, it looks good. They also propose to conduct a second study to get this approved as a first-line treatment.

Israel is always on top in its technical competence.  Interested may kindly contact the undersigned from the Israel Consulate in Bengaluru:

Ms. Veshala Gajaraj

Email: Veshalakshe.gajaraj@israeltrade.gov.il   Tel:+91-80-49406517

Source: www.israel21c.org