Welcoming a new baby is such a special time but it also comes with its own sets of stresses and anxiety. Why is the baby crying? Is the baby hungry, cold, tiered, wet? Fear not, the innovation nation has you covered!

Below is a list of leading baby-tech companies from Israel that helps make it easier for parents to care for their newborns:

The first company is Nanit which incorporated as Udisense Inc. “Nanit Plus smart baby monitor is described by TIME as a “sleep coach” for babies because it serves double duty as a live app-based video monitor and a tracking device that collects environmental info and makes relevant suggestions – such as adjusting the temperature or darkening the room to help baby fall asleep. The company has locations in Tel Aviv and New York.”[i] Nanit was named in New York Magazine among “The Best Baby Monitors, According to Parent and Sleep Consultants.”

Another TIME Magazine Best Inventions winner is Nanobébé breast-milk bottle which is “said to be the first baby bottle designed to preserve essential breastmilk nutrients by enabling rapid heating and cooling through an innovative geometric shape that resembles an actual breast and is topple-proof.” [ii]The bottles are made in Israel and the company also offers a complete line of additional baby products.

For wheelchair users FreeWill Ltd. “created a customizable adaptor that can connect any wheelchair to any baby stroller, allowing wheelchair-bound parents to independently take their babies for a walk. FreeWill was founded in 2016 by industrial designer Dana Yichye Shwachman, whose father was wheelchair-bound.”[iii]

Another company that helps ensure a baby’s safety and comfort is LittleOne.Care, a Tel Aviv-based startup that has created the first wearable wellness product for babies. “The LittleOne.Care device snaps onto a baby’s clothing just above the diaper line. It includes a tiny accelerometer — the same kind that’s in our mobile phones — to measure how and when the baby is moving. A voice recorder captures the baby’s babbles, cries, and eventually words. Artificial intelligence then turns those moves and sounds into actionable data for parents.”[iv] “If the baby is crying because it’s tired, the lights change to deep blue. If the baby is crying because it’s hungry, it turns to green – the color of food. If it’s yellow, that means it’s time to change the baby’s diaper. Red is about pain or danger.”[v]

For parents that are interested in environmentally friendly alternatives Tel Aviv-based Pika “is developing a diaper washing machine to make it easier for parents to forgo disposable diapers and use cloth ones instead. Founded in 2019, Pika says it is looking to make the planet “a better place for our children” by “developing products with the goal to end the use of plastic.”[vi]

The final company on the list is “Breast milk testing startup MilkStrip that was founded by Avital Beck, a mother of six, and Hadas Shatz-Azoulay, a mother of five, both molecular biology researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science.”[vii] From the comfort of your own home this patented technology allows for the self-diagnosis of breast milk from a sample that is analyzed by the mobile app and offers dietary recommendations to treat any deficiency or issue.

This impressive list of innovative baby-tech solutions provides much-needed support with regards to comfort, safety, and peace of mind allowing both the parents and the baby to have a good night’s rest.

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