The Environment Protection Association of the USA (EPA) rated the air we breathe at home or in the office as one of the 5 major hazards to public health. Moreover, studies concluded that the air we breathe at home is 2-5 times more contaminated than the outdoor.  Since most of us spend 90% of our time indoors it has significant impact on us all. Exposure to air contaminants cause severe morbidity ‘that may manifest in infection diseases, chronic conditions and even cancerous tumors. Researches show direct connection between air-pollution and the Covid-19 virus.

An Israeli company Ventree Air Ltd.  claims to have biological based solution for indoor air purification from a wide variety of toxics and viruses that surrounded us in our homes and offices.

Ventree replaces a common pot and plant, present in almost every house and office, to an air purifier pot and plant, enabling a healthier environment.

Ventree is a proprietary air purifier built of:

  • Plants defined by NASA as natural air-filters
  • Environmentally friendly biological filters, that absorb toxins
  • A biological system, that decomposes the toxins
  • neutralizes viruses using a UV lamp

Ventree sucks the air from the room, flows it through the filters and the biological system, purifies it and return the clean air to the room. All done automatically with no need for human involvement

Ventree is looking for partner for producing and market their solution in India.

For more details please contact undersigned:

Saraswati Sharma

Economic & Trade Mission, New Delhi

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