Vaccines are definitely the current trending topic the world over these days thanks to the pandemic that has taken over the world by storm. While we talk about humans being vaccinated against a deadly virus, animals have their own set of various viruses to deal with. However, vaccinating animals is not always a very pleasant experience, both for the animal as well as the healthcare professional. Very often, the animal comes under so much physical and mental stress that in grave circumstances it may also lead to its death.

An Israeli company however has got a solution for this problem for humans, animals as well as crops! TransAlgae which is based in Israel is a biotech company that has developed a breakthrough technology, using genetically engineered algae as the vehicle to orally deliver therapeutic drugs such as vaccines and insecticides in their intact and functional form for Human Pharma, Animal Health and Crop Protection.

In terms of animal health, TransAlgae’s oral delivery technology replaces the need to use antibiotics and the need for vaccination by injections which are time-consuming and expensive. TransAlgae has recently signed a collaboration agreement with France-based Virbac, the sixth largest animal health company worldwide.

For crop protection, TransAlgae’s technology is proven to have lesser toxicity than its chemical insecticide counterparts.

In Human Pharma, TransAlgae’s oral delivery technology replaces the need for drug application by injections which are time-consuming, expensive and often unpleasant.

Currently the start-up which was founded in 2008, is looking to raise capital for a proposed development for COVID-19 vaccine.

Ms.Yogita Kale, Trade Officer, Mumbai.
Ph: +91-22-61600519