An Israeli company RETEM’s expertise is developing and implementing innovative soil stability solutions.

RETEM 3D Steel Grids LTD was founded with the concept of developing a unique steel product designed to be used as a light reinforcement system for concrete, mainly for erosion control and soil stabilization applications. The product is called 3D Steel Grid, and is considered today a leading product for ditch lining, spillways construction, culverts reinforcement and other erosion control applications. Combined with special metal girders, the 3D Steel Grid is also used for building applications and can be used for constructing houses of up to 3 floors high.

How Retem 3D works

  • Unique 3D steel structure confines and stabilizes cohesion-less soils.
  • Made of galvanized steel deployed on two levels of parallel strips
  • linked by oblique ribs without welding points.
  • Flexible, adapts to any shape of ground and is easy to handle.
  • Used with concrete, produces a fully reinforced concrete structure

Retem 3D Steel Grid has been field-tested in projects by leading contractors, institutions and experts. Many of their customers have been working with the company for more than 15 years. RETEM 3D Steel Grids LTD counts some of Israel’s most well-recognized companies among its clients: The National Transport Infrastructure Company, Israel Railways Company, the Israeli Department of Defense/ I.D.F, and many other leading infrastructure contractors in Israel.

RETEM is trying to enter Indian Market and are looking for distributors who are knowledgeable and active in the infrastructure and building sectors.


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