AI helps Pathologist spot helps Pathologists spot cancer cells.

Israeli startup Ibex Medical Analytics came up with a new application called “Second Read” to help spot cancer cells. It is equipped with software algorithms to analyze cases in parallel with a pathologist. Comparison is made by the application of the findings made by both the Pathologist and the Algorithm.  The pathologist would be alerted if there were any discrepancies in the findings.

Second read is already in use for detecting prostate and breast cancer. In February 2020, Ibex received CE-IVD (in-vitro diagnostic) certification for its prostate cancer solution.

Ibex is the first start-up to apply the AI technique of detecting cancer cells to tissue biopsies. The CEO of Ibex, Joseph Mossel, states that the shortage of pathologists is striking. It is understandable that pathologists can miss a small tumor, but this is a matter of life and death. The AI technique seems more viable.

Influence of AI affects every industry and every human being. AI, which is the key factor of emerging technologies like IoT, Robotics etc. would act as the main technological innovator in the ensuing days to come.

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