We are pleased to invite you to join us for the Israel-India Oral & Dental Tech Week

Opening Webinar – March 24  at 12:30
B2B meetings –  March 24-25

Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai


Dental Care in India is being transformed as a part of the country’s overall healthcare reform. With the increasing prevalence of the aging population and the understanding of the influence of Oral Health over General Health, India is looking for best practice solutions.

Israel is a country bringing many innovations globally also in the Dental sector, from implantology, regenerative, restoratives, digital dentistry, equipment, devices, materials & services for clinics and labs, oral care to infection control.

Wednesday, March 24th 12:30

Opening Webinar on Israeli innovative technologies

March 24th -25th 

Click here for a Catalog of Israeli Oral & Dental Tech companies for online B2B meetings.

Opening Webinar Agenda (12:30 – 13:30)

  • Opening Remarks and Greetings from the Economic Counselors
  • Greetings from the Association of Dental Industry & Trade of India

  Mr. Shammi Gumbhir, Hon. Secretary

  • Welcome and General Presentation of the Israeli Dental Industry

  Ms. Raphaële Moog, Head of Oral & Dental Technologies, Israel Export Institute

  • Keynote speaker on innovative technology

  Prof. Srouji, Head of Galilee College of Dental Sciences- Prof & Chair of Oral &   Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine & Dentistry Institute at Galilee Medical Center,   Nahariya, Israel

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