Israeli company GOARC provides a real time safety intelligence platform that helps manufacturers, chemical companies or oil and gas plants prevent accidents, reduce risks and cut down costs.

GOARC’s cloud-base SaaS platform uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically track massive data and connect silos of information, from the crowd wisdom on the shop floor, to machines, sensors, wearables and the organization ERP systems.

GOARC uses Industry 4.0 technologies to converge massive data, evaluate the risks and recommend personalized safety actions. GOARC issues individual work orders, location-based warnings, unsafe situation predictions and even equipment use blocking if needed.

The safety intelligence platform is dynamic, personalized and predictive.

GOARC has implemented its product with companies in Israel, including TEVA, ICL, and Bazan.

The company is looking for collaboration in India. To contact the company please mail at or call +91 11 30414570.