It is common knowledge that sales calls are misleading and plain disturbing. People are bombarded with scam calls from sales people pretending to work for big companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon on the daily. It is so critical that even genuine calls make one suspicious., an Israeli company, has come up with a way to transcribe and analyse calls as and when they occur. The artificial intelligence recognizes and alerts sales representatives and their supervisors to possible regulation offenses, suspicious speech or potential cons in time to nip them in the bud. The technology detects when the call is going the wrong way, like the usage of incorrect technical terms.

This technology supports more than 60 languages.

Finally, we shall, all get some respite from swindlers in the form of fraud callers.

Israel is known for its innovation which suits and applicable to various lifestyles and purposes.

Interested may kindly reach out to Ms. Veshala Gajaraj, Trade Officer in the Israel Consulate, Bangalore at


Source: Israel21c