This pandamic has also created an opportunity to propel advancements in HR and forced organisations to redesign hiring and human resource management to suit the workplace of the future.  A year of rapid transformation and no industry has been spared from these changes.

Human Resource (HR), essentially involving people relations, Industry that has impacted every other industry in some way, while the pandemic has devastated the economy, it has also created an opportunity to propel advancements in the HR industry.  Also Helped organisations to redesign hiring, human resource management to suit the workplace of the future.  organisations all over the world encouraged their employees to work from home, furthermore, about 97% of the organisations immediately cancelled all work-related travel. The remote work place became a reality almost overnight. The most important change that has been witnessed is working remotely. For workplaces across industries, companies have had to equip their employees with software, remote working tools and networking tools for smooth execution and collaboration. While the existing tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, Zoom and Skype for Business have worked very well till date.

Contactless Hiring – Recruitment is a crucial part of every business process and the right quality of hires determines the performance of a team in an organisation. With workplaces transcending to remote settings, hiring is also adopting newer technologies and platforms. While the beginning of the pandemic saw a lot of job losses, with the economy opening up, hiring activities have also ramped up. However, the challenges remain in hiring in the absence of face-to-face interactions and deciphering behaviour based on candidates’ expression and body language.

Covid has shaken up the job market. Plug in these solutions to simplify hiring and employee retention during Covid and beyond.  With so many employees either searching for work or a career change, human resource departments and recruitment agencies are busier than ever and operating mainly in virtual space and its challenge to know If a software can understand not only specific skills but also whether a candidate would be a good fit for a company’s culture.  To analyze on candidates about their skills, education and experience, then predicts who will be the best match for a company’s needs. etc.,

Israeli technology has got HR managers covered with a growing ecosystem of startups that help jobseekers find their next gig and firms that streamline the onboarding process.
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