We are glad to invite you to the launch of InnoDentechthe first Summit on Oral & Dental Israeli Innovations, to take place online on June 15th – 16th 2021. As a “Startup Nation”, Israel is bringing innovation also in the oral & dental sector.

Over the past few years, the number of Israeli startups in this field has dramatically increased and some major merging & acquisitions already took place.

The Event is organized and hosted in cooperation with the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy & Industry and the Trade and Economic Mission, New Delhi by the Israel Export Institute and will showcase more than 40 companies.

Online B2B meetings with the IL companies are the main focus of such events. The registration and the B2B meetings are free of cost. We would schedule meetings with the IL Companies on the platform, if you can share your wish-list to : Tejinder.Singh@israeltrade.gov.il

Please register to the event