Hurricanes destroy energy and chemical production facilities, gas stations, and other businesses and impact the environment to a great extent.

All the infrastructure whether it is the power grid, production facilities, etc. are expected to run consistently without any interruption.  People notice when there is inconsistency due to disruption in the services provided.  Due to the grave consequences encountered by leading industries when their infrastructure suffers, it is the responsibility of the Industry leaders to do everything possible to ensure the smooth functioning of their facility.  The best way to conduct this is to monitor/supervise the facility quite often.  In order to conduct such an inspection, the industry leaders need to automate inspections, which can be enabled by using drones and robots who could do frequent inspections and report any emergency.

Percepto, an Israeli company, autonomously carries out security and maintenance missions on power lines.  Their drones are said to work around the clock and in difficult weather conditions to identify power failures, which in turn helps fix them quickly. The drones can fly for 40 minutes between charges. They also contain day and night-time camera systems. They use AI to identify operational malfunctions as well as health and safety risks in real-time.  Percepto’s solution enables fully automated inspections and continuous surveillance of Industrial sites across the globe.

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