Insurance organizations are under constant pressure to offer improved services at reduced costs—for claims management in particular. Customers are embracing digital technologies, and insurers are compelled to integrate technologies such as analytics and artificial intelligence into their operations. With technology advancements simplifying insurance processes considerably, we can envision a smarter future for insurers and customers.

Claims processing is one of the most crucial service activities insurance companies perform. However, the complexity of managing a claims environment with multiple systems and manual hand-offs can create errors and delays that can cause irreparable harm to customer relationships.

Israeli technologies aim to simplify the claims process for customers, employees, agents and third parties with an innovative solution to meet a common industry problem — improving claims service while reducing costs.


 Gynisus uses artificial intelligence to improve the way people are diagnosed and treated. The company’s SPAI platform provides intelligent insights and predictions for the healthcare space.

Gynisus seeks to help hospitals and physicians focus on patients at higher risk for complications and disease as well as to enable better forecasting in the areas of resource utilization and cost management.

Powered by SPAI, the Infectious Disease Intelligence Platform supports hospitals, home nursing facilities, and senior living centers to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by identifying people, prior to testing, who are likely to be infected with the virus, as well as the people who have come in contact with them. The solution has been implemented in medical centers in New York.

Digital Owl:

 DigitalOwl offers a solution designed to automatically analyze insurance claims in order to estimate the correct settlement fee or locate factors to support its rejection. The company’s goal is to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and ensure a fuller, more in-depth examination of medical documents.

Serenus AI:

 Serenus.AI develops solutions to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. The company’s patent-pending technology was developed to help medical professionals and patients make better medical decisions at the post-diagnostic stage to save lives and valuable resources.

The system’s algorithms replicate the objective decision-making processes of top physicians by combining up-to-date medical practices, professional knowledge, and machine-learning technologies.

The Serenus.AI solution is compatible with every type of health system, including US insurance companies and public health systems. The solution has been validated in practice, and the company is currently active in Europe and the United States with stakeholders in the healthcare field.


Click-Ins is an AI-powered automatic vehicle damage inspection solution that enables insurance and automotive companies to automatically detect, analyze, and process external vehicle damage, at high precision and consistency, without the need for special equipment or skilled personnel.

Click-Ins’ multidisciplinary technology is based on a combination of artificial intelligence, deep learning, 3D modeling, applied mathematics, and computer vision, enabling accurate recognition and analysis of external damage to all types of vehicles.

Click-Ins processes millions of daily vehicle inspections at 300 milliseconds per vehicle with more than 90% accuracy and repeatability. The company’s mobile and application APIs can be easily integrated into any of its partner’s platforms.

Five Sigma:

CLAIMS PLATFORM AS A SERVICE. Five Sigma brings claims organizations to the future of claims resolution. Five Sigma set out on a mission to allow claims organizations to innovate. With the set of claims management tools and unique platform, Five Sigma’s suite is what Insurers need to bring their claims operation to the rapidly changing world.

For further information contact the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate in Mumbai.

Siddhant Gupte; Trade Officer, Mumbai