Despite unfavorable conditions including heat, humidity, and limited resources, today Israel has improved the Dairy Industry and has increased the Milk Production. Israel’s Dairy industry is considered as one of the most advanced in the world.


Israeli dairy cows do not graze. In fact their herd diet is based on scientific, online feed analysis, and calculated feed rations for the highest nutritional value, production rates, and economic efficiency. Equally as advanced, domestically developed technologies are implemented in every aspect of Israeli dairy farming, resulting in a fully automated, calculated system that guarantees strict quality control. The Dairy industry has adopted advanced technologies including computerized milking and feeding systems, cow-shed cooling systems, and milk processing equipment, combined with unique farm management techniques.


It has led Israel’s Dairy industry to become the global leader in efficiency, production, and sustainability.


The Israeli Economic Missions in India are glad to invite you to the launch of “Dairy Agro-Tech Delegation to India” happening on 27 July 2021. The Webinar will be followed by structured Pre Approved One to One meetings between Israeli and Indian Companies. Online B2B meetings with the IL companies are the main focus of such events. The registration and the B2B meetings are free of cost. 


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