The use of AR and VR with the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a sharp rise across various industries, be it from entertainment to retail to real estate.  Technology has been expeditious in recent years with novel innovations and advancements released and tested in the market. Some technologies have seen a hit while some have seen a miss. Technological advancements like Voice Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Data-driven Marketing, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality have become the need of the hour for every business to sustain and flourish.

Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic hit, businesses switch to all things digital for the sole purpose of replacing physical presence with virtual presence, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality has seen a sharp rise and this increased demand has led to AR and VR gain popularity in various industries, be it from entertainment to retail to real estate.

Augmented Reality has seen unmatched growth in the shopping & retail industry is transforming with virtual viewing, trial rooms, and shopping options and with the absence of physical presence, Technologies have gained popularity and acceptance due to their convenience, accuracy, real-time experience & precision. AR’s growth is just about to grow with Smart Mirrors and Radio-frequency Identification Tags to widen customer searches and suggestions. These technologies give advertisers a better understanding of and demographics of their customers and amplified the targeting of audiences.

Identification of facial cues and expressions through AR/VR is being utilized for mixed reality, Eye & Facial Expression Tracking technology is structured to track user’s facial expressions, gestures, etc. as compared to previously used VR head-mounted displays. This technology works hand-in-hand with AR.   Portable technology aids in processing vital information, comparing products, customizing any product in-store, and browse additional details through these wearables, AR-powered tools are also being used in the tourism industry to give travelers and tourists an immersive experience through a “virtual trip” before taking the actual trip. Famous examples of portable AR glasses are Google Glass or the Microsoft HoloLens. Facebook & Apple are also set to launch such wearables soon.

This indeed is just the beginning of Virtual & Augmented Reality for its growth in various industries. The AR/VR industry is predicted to have one billion users this year. AR and VR headset sales are expected to grow to $9.7 billion in the coming years. With such statistics, many businesses will have to immerse adopt such technologies into their strategies to grow, attract new customers, and stand out of the crowd.

Israeli eco-system and startups develop next-generation software and hardware solutions to capture 3D content on mobile devices or handheld scanners used in areas of automotive, CSI, military, among others. Also offers customized packages for AR/VR and other dedicated HW devices, real-time to deliver targeted exclusive leads via proprietary machine learning technology.  Online platform for advertising on social networks. VR-based treadmill solution for elderly care, VR-technology based educational tool that helps high-school students to experience the world, and many more solutions.

Relevant companies, interested to learn more about Israel’s innovative technology are invited to contact the Trade and Economic Department at the Israeli Consulate General in Bengaluru.

Contact: Ms. Kavitha S
Trade Officer -Trade and Economic Mission, Consulate General of Israel to South India (Bangalore). Tel: +91-80-49406515.