As the Earth’s temperatures keep soaring upwards, cooling technologies are fast becoming one of the most sought-after solutions. But the high energy consumption required for cooling in turn adds on to pollution and overall heating of the planet. To escape this vicious cycle, the need of the hour is sustainable, energy efficient cooling technologies and energy management systems.

Israel has always been at the forefront, whenever it came to innovating and coming up with cutting edge technology as solutions to difficult problems in various industry sectors. In this post, we would like to highlight some of the innovative technologies for sustainable cooling and energy management solutions, that Israel has to offer.

BSD Lord International Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of vehicle cooling systems, including transport refrigeration systems, air-conditioning systems and automotive spare parts. They focus their efforts on providing customers with complete and customized cooling solutions, based on the client’s specific needs. They are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of the world’s largest transportation cooling systems, air conditioning systems and spare parts for vehicles of all kinds.

Double Check Thermal Solutions specializes in the development, design, engineering, and manufacture of high-efficiency cooling and heating systems and products for thermal management in biotechnological, commercial, and industrial applications. The company’s products include thermic pads, temperature controllers, heat pipes, liquid cooling plates, vapor chambers, and thermoelectric components.

Eldrotec develops precise cooling systems for use in a wide variety of industries, including industrial printing, lasers, biomedical, semiconductors, and automotive. The company makes electronic device temperature-testing equipment and recirculating chillers. Its cooling systems are used in military aircraft, radar facilities, and data centers.

Elgressy Engineering Services develops and markets comprehensive solutions and systems for treating and preventing common water-related problems including scale, bacteria, and corrosion. The company’s electrochemical technology provides solutions for cooling towers, heat exchangers, hot and cold-water systems, and other industrial applications. Elgressy is a subsidiary of the Clean Technologies Group.

Eneriqs has developed a software-based chiller optimizer called the Chiller Smart Management System. The company’s software continuously monitors the facility and improves over time through artificial intelligence. Eneriqs aims to deliver a 30% reduction in air conditioning costs on average, while leaving internal room and building conditions unchanged.

Nostromo Energy has developed the IceBrick ESS, an energy storage system that requires no toxic or rare earth materials. Nostromo’s IceBrick system uses surplus electric power during periods of excess to store cold thermal energy in the form of ice, which is then utilized for cooling during peak hours when the electrical grid is under its highest level of stress. The company’s system is designed to operate safely, with almost no degradation for over 20 years.

Phoebus Energy is a cleantech company specializing in energy-saving solutions for water heating and cooling in medium to large commercial facilities. Through smart algorithms, Phoebus Energy’s system utilizes energy that would otherwise go to waste. It converts the difference in temperature of water flowing in and out of boilers and chillers into free energy used for heating and cooling, and it works with existing heating and cooling systems to bring immediate savings and pollution reduction.

Ricor Cryogenic and Vacuum Systems produces innovative cooler technology for the space, military and defense, homeland security, semiconductor, commercial, and scientific equipment industries. Ricor develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of advanced products and solutions, including cryocoolers for infrared systems, x-ray and gamma detectors, scientific instrumentation, vacuum cryo pumps, and wafer storage purge systems. In addition, the company offers semiconductor manufacturing equipment diagnostic tools, solutions for high-temperature superconductivity devices, and advanced acoustic noise and vibration control.

SmartGreen provides solutions for the improvement of the energy and operational performance of commercial and industrial facilities. The company’s flagship product, OptiNergy, is a cloud-based platform that combines machine-learning algorithms, big data analytics, and IoT technology and devices for buildings. OptiNergy collects data from equipment-level controllers and sensors and turns this data into meaningful and actionable insights so that building or facility personnel can execute the right corrective action at the right time. This can ensure the tenants’ wellbeing and result in reduced energy consumption, as well as reduced equipment downtime, degradation, and maintenance costs.

SolCold, which specializes in the fields of physics and nanoparticles, is developing an innovative material that becomes cooler with increased sun exposure. The SolCold material, which is no thicker than a business card, can be applied to the surface of an object. The sun’s radiation then triggers a reaction in the material, converting the heat accumulated in the object into radiation and releasing it in a process known as anti-Stokes fluorescence, thereby creating a cooling effect. SolCold can be used to cool buildings, cars, food containers, airplanes, and many other products requiring cooling in hot weather.

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