Almost 60% of the world’s food produce comes from United States, China, Brazil, Argentina and India. However, climate change has played a vital role in the reduction of the produce as well as harming the crop harvest.

The effect of changes in temperature differs from crop to crop, but the three most globally consumed crops – rice, soy and corn – are identified to experience the most impacts.

Fermata. Tech, an Israeli start-up, has invented a new AI technology for greenhouses to ease plant growth by identifying and detecting diseases and pest activities at an early stage, to make the process of remedy easier.

Special cameras are installed in the greenhouses to observe and take pictures of the plants and through the usage of AI, the images are analysed and the problems are identified. The problems may vary to various degrees – the rate of plant growth, diseases and pests or to determine whether the plant is healthy or unhealthy.

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Source: Israel21c