50% of new drug products approved by the FDA are temperature sensitive. Pharmaceutical products worth hundreds of billions of dollars are exposed to temperatures that might damage their potency. Injectable pharmaceuticals have strict temperature storage indications. Temperature control is required from the manufacturer until the end of use but it is only strictly controlled until it reaches the pharmacy. Improper storage during use degrades the potency of pharmaceuticals, put patients at risk and can cost lives.


However, there is no temperature control mechanism that protects the patient’s medications at the last mile. That is why in order to protect medications and assist patients in taking better control and remaining safe without adding any hassle, TempraMed has developed this unique technology. The TempraMed solutions are based on a patented technology that combines a unique insulation and heat absorbing materials monitored and controlled by a customized designed electronics system.


TempraMed has developed the first technology of its kind that meets the requirements for last mile control for pharmaceuticals.

VIVI Cap 1 is the only temperature storage and monitoring pen cap device with built in insulin temperature indicator that checks temperature status by simply pressing and releasing the sensor button. The temperature sensor indicator will turn on for just a few seconds to show insulin temperature status: Green means insulin has been kept at the required temperature.


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