Matching innovators worldwide with Snowman Logistics, one of India’s largest temperature-controlled logistics, TCL) companies, to pilot efficient, cost-effective, climate-smart cooling solutions and build commercial partnerships. Selected innovators receive funding to pilot sustainable TCL technologies, products, and services on the ground in India, as well as support

to enter and grow their business across the region. Ready to expand into new markets and tackle the biggest challenges in sustainable cooling?


The award-winning program TechEmerge from IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has partnered with Snowman Logistics, one of India’s leading TCL companies, to offer innovators

of sustainable cooling solutions the opportunity to enter this fast-growing sector in India and Asia more broadly.

TechEmerge and Snowman are seeking innovative, climate-smart, cost-effective TCL solutions that improve operational efficiency from source to final delivery point. This includes, but is not limited to, space cooling, transport, and IoT-enabled asset management, such as:

Refrigerated Warehousing and Applications for Packaging and Sorting


Renewable/Low Energy/Hybrid Cooling Technologies for Inter-City Reefer Transportation


Last Mile Refrigerated Supply Chain Solutions for Short-Term Transit


Innovative Cooling Solutions for Pharma Transport


IoT/AI Asset Management Solutions to Optimize Equipment Efficiency & Maintain Cold Chain Fidelity


APPLY NOW: Sustainable Cooling Temperature-Controlled Logistics India | TechEmerge

Application deadline: September 24, 2021


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