Cassit develops and manufactures fashionable, durable & washable Splints for people with limb injuries such as fractures, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Disabilities. The Splints are comfortable, sustainable, lightweight, strong, impact resistant, remoldable, easy to fix, easy to clean and provides great orthopedic support. The Splints’ transparency enables to see through it and detect pressure points, whilst providing patients with a very cool device to wear.


The Splints are provided in a ready-bent Kit that can be customized in only 3 minutes, everywhere – in-field, in emergency/ operation rooms, at patients’ house with only hot water and a towel. The Splints are currently being distributed in Europe, Israel and Africa to orthopedic and rehabilitation clinics, supporting disabled or broken limbs successfully.


Cassit obtains CE mark, FDA registration, and is ISO-13485 certified.


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